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Friday, August 13, 2010

Occasionally, there are requirements to create additional recognition or application operations for a rule. There is no meta-language to do this, but there is a template for writing any C# functions as extra abilities of the rules.image

can write functions l a search plugin for use in GraphSynth2, you first open Visual Studio, choose "New Project" and then choose "Class Library". Your plugin will be compiled to a .DLL file which GraphSynth2 will find in a prescribed directory. One project (.DLL) file may have any number of plugins within it. Take a moment to think of a good name now for your project. Don''t let it be, ClassLibrary1. Be verbose!

2. Under the project (in the solution explorer), right-click on References and select "Add Reference". When the pop-up opens. Browse to C:\\Program Files\\GraphSynth2, and select two class libraries (.DLLs):

a. GraphSynth.FundamentalClassesAndInterfaces

b. GraphSynth.Representation

Optionally, you can choose to reference StarMath as well. This is a custom-made matrix library developed in a parallel project (see

3. Now for any plugin you would like to create. Add a new class (or use an existing class), and:

a. add “using GraphSynth;”

b. add “using GraphSynth.Search;”

c. add “using GraphSynth.Representation;”

d. optionally add “using StarMathLib;”

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