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FAQ: How to get started?

Feb 8, 2014 at 7:13 PM
There are 3 basic elements to GraphSynth: graphs, rules, and rulesets. As a user, we can make graphs to act as an input to the "computer generation" process. It''s the rules that make the transformations from our input graphs into something more interesting. But, the short answer to your question is that the output is a graph and it is opened as a new window (not saved to the output folder). Try making a rule. In the left-hand-side, make it a subset of your graph. In the right, add additional elements. If your initial graph and your new rule are the only things open, you can test the rule on the graph by clicking the "Test Rule on Graph" button. This will create a new graph and leave your original host graph intact and open. Did it work as expected? After a little testing, you''ll want to collect your rules in a ruleset for more variety and more complex generation. Under the design drop-down, the first item is "Set Active as Seed". The "active" would be whatever sub-window is on-top/focused/active. It is grayed-out unless a graph is active. Choosing this lets GraphSynth know what the input is in the generation process. Under this item, you can set one or more rulesets to operate on the input seed. Once these items are set, you can choose one of the two default "Search Plugins": "Recognize-->Random Choose-->Apply", or "Recognize-->Human Choose-->Apply".